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Knowing where your business is currently at, is the first step in helping you reach your goals. In business, there are several areas that can impact your RoadMap To Profit; Sales, operations, customers, staffing, financial discipline and systems/process improvement. By completing this questionnaire, you will pinpoint the key areas that require your attention. Answer each question with your first response as it is usually the correct one. Your results will be displayed at the bottom of the template.

  • Sales Maximization

    The following questions are related to your company’s ability to generate the sales level your business needs to be successful. If your business does not have a steady stream on sales coming in, the rest of your business will struggle.

  • Operational Excellence

    The following questions are related to your company’s ability to operate efficiently and effectively. You should be looking for better ways to build your product, reduce your time frames and avoid service and recall challenges.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    The following questions are related to your ability to keep your customers happy and getting them to buy from you again or give you referrals. Customer satisfaction is also a large contributor to word of mouth advertising, referral and repeat business. Spending some devoted time and energy in this area is also key to your business's success.

  • Employee Engagement

    The following questions are related to the level that your employees are engaged in your business. Very few companies, if any, have employees that are 100% engaged 100% of the time. This means unproductive time is fluent in your business. It is your responsibility to keep it to a minimum.

  • Financial Discipline

    The following questions are related to your company’s formal planning and control measures for growing the business and keeping it profitable. Being financially disciplined means you are preparing for the future of your company. It means that you are looking both internally within your company for roadblocks and opportunities as well as externally.

  • Research & Development

    The following questions evaluate how well your company continues to strive to reach and stay ahead of your competition. If you are not improving then you are falling behind. You can be assured that your competitors are constantly striving to be better tomorrow than they were today.

  • Final Results

    Thank you for completing our survey. We hope that this gives you some insight on the health of your business. Feel free to take this survey throughout the year to monitor your business's progress.

    Here is your overall score:

  • Sales Maximization
    Operational Excellence
    Customer Satisfaction
    Employee Engagement
    Financial Discipline
    Research & Development
  • Special Note

    A score under 75% means that there are significant challenges within your organization. To book a free 1/2 hour strategy session to overcome these roadblocks, please feel free to contact us or call 403-992-7261. We will be happy to JumpStart Your Success.