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When you go from $600,000 to $4,000,000. in 10 months, it isn't luck. Thank your Forensic Accountant. Who's watching your money? You can trust Belynda Debeurs, CPA and her team at RoadMap To Profit to be your Construction Industry Accounting Specialists

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RoadMap to Profit is a team of highly specialized individuals who are dedicated to helping businesses and business owners thrive and succeed.  We are proud to have a team of people who are experts in the construction and trades industry. We've got you covered in every aspect of your business: Accounting/Bookkeeping; Human Resources; Management; and High-level CFO coaching. We work with you to create custom detailed plans to achieve your company's goals. With your cooperation, we will help find solutions to remove your roadblocks and get you moving along your journey to financial success and freedom!



Review & Assess

Strengths vs. Weaknesses


    Cash Flow

    Financial Stability

  Current Business Structure & Accounting Processes

  Long-Term Goals & Aspirations

  Current Obsolete Fiscal Planning

Understanding What Your Business Needs From You




Your Financial PlayBook


  Understand The Need To Delegate

  Corporate Direction & Confidence

  Fiscal Clarity

Responsible Business Habits

  Automated Processes

Healthy CRA Relationship




Ongoing Guidance In Growth


  Your Livelihood & Legacy Building (Succession Plans)

    Ramping Up For Resale

  Focus On Operational Excellence

Continued Income - Make Money When You're On Holidays

  Access To More Lenders

Continuing Education


Although we'd like to help everyone at RoadMap to Profit, we can admit that there's a niche industry that we were tailor-made to serve. We specialize in the construction and trades industry.

If you're a home builder, electrician, plumber, HVAC contractor, general contractor, concrete contractor, drywaller, landscaper, tile setter, roofer, mason or renovator we're here specifically for you.


We are interested in working with people who want to grow their business and tap into its potential.  Our ideal client is open and honest and is not afraid of facing the hard truths of their business.

As a business owner, it is important that you lead by example and are receptive to coaching and mentoring.  We value people that are involved in their communities and enjoy helping others.


Building trust with my clients is something that I take seriously.
I enjoy transforming strangers to friends, friends to clients and clients into long-term relationships.
Get to know me better through my blogs, FAQ’s and published material.


A Small Business Guide to Cash Flow and Profit


Do you dream of financial freedom?

Have you become frustrated with your lack of results?

Are you ready to improve the financial health of your business?

Are you ready to increase your profits exponentially?


"When Axis needed an interim controller, we turned to Road Map to Profit to provide the necessary financial accounting skills to keep our projects and companies on track. Belynda's ability to step into the role and provide leadership and understand our complex structure with minimal guidance was a clear benefit to our company."

Debbie Culhane, VP Finance
Axis Projects Corporation

“Working with Belynda De Beurs on strategic planning for my company has been life changing. I have known for a long time what we needed to do as a growing company, but knowing what needs to be done and actually getting things done are two completely different things. Belynda instinctively knows how to break things down into workable pieces that gets results. We as a team are extremely excited about the potential that is being opened up to us as we start to get real results on the things that really matter to us as a business.”

Alec Williams
Owner, Alec Williams Construction

“One of Belynda’s most impressive attributes is her breadth of knowledge. That, combined with her excellent problem-solving skills, I couldn't have had a more experienced and resourceful consultant. It is this breadth of knowledge that allowed us to implement SAGE 100 accounting & estimating software into our Business efficiently and effectively.  I strongly recommend Belynda for any Business Coaching.”

Frank Gordon-Cooper
President – Kurmak Builders, Inc

“Belynda came to Crystal Creek Homes at a time where managing cash flow, and construction financing was becoming overwhelming. Not only was Belynda able to simplify the process, she helped enabled the company's growth using reporting skills that did not exist at the time. Belynda was able to identify areas of inefficiency within the company, and helped to improve the bottom line. Belynda is a professional to work with, and I would recommend her services to anyone who is interested in taking their company to the next level.”

Justin Bobier
Owner, Crystal Creek Homes

“Belynda had been an integral part of Crystal Creek Homes Inc. from accounting integration to Timberline from Quickbooks.  She had established and facilitated the financing from TD, BMO and CIBC.  She spearheaded the smooth transitions during the takeover of operations from Greenboro Homes.”

Leonila Sioson
Controller, Crystal Creek Homes

“Our team consisted of individuals with no accounting knowledge or experience.  For a small team, it is difficult to present a workshop that caters to the leaning of each individual and level of knowledge.  Belynda, took the time to coach each person individually and presented a course that incorporated each person’s ability.  The materials provided, taught those to think like business owners and to look beyond their own job to understand the reason for making decisions.  I saw growth in the team, changing their view when issues arose as they shifted to think more about the bigger picture.  Thanks Belynda, for personal coaching and consistently being a mentor.”

Kerry Brookes
Controller, Sarina Homes

"For many years Belynda has been a valuable source of information and inspiration.  She is extremely knowledgeable and she has a tremendous capacity for patience. Without the benefit of Belynda’s guidance, I would not have had the confidence to start my own bookkeeping practice.”

Kara Quinlan

"When my boss first said he was bringing Belynda on board, I was nervous not knowing if I could trust her or what to expect... but she was literally the very best thing that could have happened to my bookkeeping career. Belynda has an uncanny ability to hear you and give you the tools you need to succeed. Her skill set is unmatched by anyone I've met... HR, accounting, management... she has such a well rounded skill set that she can see how any decisions will impact the business as a whole, not just one aspect. It's been a treat working with her for the last 2 years and I am so thankful my boss brought her on board."

Melissa Fitzpatrick
Kurmak Builders