Are You In the Elite Group of Business Owners?

As I left my client’s house, I couldn’t help but wonder to myself, would this time be different?  Like always, we ended the meeting strong, both of us feeling motivated; knowing what needs to be done to move his business forward.  Then, as the next few weeks flew by, I realized that no; this time was the same as the last couple of times we had met.  As soon as our meetings end and reality sets in for my client, he pushes all that we discuss to the side and takes up those old habits that he is most comfortable with.

It was then that I realized the obvious:  Some businesses owners are more comfortable being the employee.

How do you know what type of business owner you are?

After a lot of experience working with business owners and entrepreneurs, and with some time to reflect myself, it has become obvious that some individuals are not yet ready to take their business to the next level. In fact, they may never be ready and that is ok. Who am I as a coach to force them to change who they are? From all of my coaching engagements and executive positions held, I have learned that each business owner is a unique individual. Where they are today in life and where they are going tomorrow is a journey that is exclusive to them alone.
Over time, these unique journeys often find themselves going down one of three paths. Understanding which path you are on can help you better progress towards the destination you have in mind.

At the end of the day, it is important to realize which type of business owner you are and what journey you are on.  As a profit coach, when I interview business owners as potential clients, it is critical that the right questions are asked.

Trying to coach business owners like Handy Andy often result in halfhearted effort and results and can lead to a client who is more disheartened at the end of it all.

Trying to coach business owner like Visionary Vicky results in very little value added because this person already has most pieces to the puzzle in place and is pretty set in their ways as to what they want and how they are going to get there.

Business owners like Legacy Laura, however, have the best opportunity to take advantage of a great coaching experience. Profit coaching will prove to quickly open doors and create an environment of opportunity that may not have been there if you took the journey alone. It is therefore my responsibility as your Profit Coach to empower you to achieve more in a shorter time.  It’s your responsibility to grab hold of that empowerment and own it.

There can be a lot of excuses that stop you from contacting a Profit Coach for the first time. But the first question should be to ask yourself, what type of business owner are you? Be true to your answer and yourself.  And then ask this…  What is the cost of not hiring a coach when the timing becomes right for you on your journey?